Why You Should Have a Hen's Party

Many people nowadays wonder if hen's parties are really all that necessary. It may be considered ‘tradition’, but it isn’t officially required, and is just a way for the bride and her friends and family to have fun before she gets hitched. Many people choose to put away the money for the hen's do for wedding expenses or the honeymoon, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, a hen's party is a big part of the experience of getting married for a bride.

Seeing Your Old Friends

If you have friends you haven’t seen for a long time, a hen's party is an excellent chance for you to be able to reconnect with them. You may not have met or even heard from them since high school or college, and having a hen's party would mean meeting with all of them in one go. It’s difficult to arrange to meet so many people on separate occasions, and sometimes you don’t get to see them at all. With a hen's party as an excuse, you’d be able to see all your old friends and celebrate your wedding excitement with them without all the hassle.

A Last Hurrah for Single-hood

Soon you’ll be a ‘Mrs.’, which is exciting, but think of all the fun you had without that ring on your finger too! Being married means having a full load of new responsibilities, and you’d want to sing an ode to the life you’ve lived up till now. A last weekend of being silly and acting like a child is practically a must-have for a bride-to-be.

A Chance at Surprise

Many hen's parties aren’t planned by the bride at all, but by her friends. A hen party can be an excellent way to let your friends take the wheel and surprise you with things you’ve never experienced before. You want to cross things off that bucket list before you tie the knot, don’t you?

They’re More Fun than the Wedding

The wedding is sure to be a blast, but be honest; would you rather spend your time making polite conversation with your spouse’s family and school friends, or would you rather spend the night gossiping about the people you knew in school while you put on face masks and act goofy with your friends? Your wedding is your day, but your hen's do is your night of fun.

Hen's Parties Can Be Simple

A major concern for many people is that hen's parties are too costly and require too much time, which not everyone may be able to give. This isn’t true! A hen's do can be just as fun and exciting with minimum costs and time, as long as everyone is together. Think about it; you may not need a weekend in Hawaii to celebrate your upcoming wedding with your friends, because you can do that at a one-night sleepover at your own house. Who doesn’t want to create a few more great memories before the wedding?




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