Unique Hen’s Night Ideas for Sydneysiders

Are you planning on surprising your best friend and bride-to-be with unforgettable, hen’s night activities? Well then, you’ve probably scoured the internet in the search for the best hen’s party ideas. And in that search, you’ve probably found the same old ideas that everyone does at a hen’s party. So, what can you do that’s unique? In this article, we have listed 5 very unique and classy hen’s party ideas that are sure to make for an exciting and memorable hen’s night. The listed hen’s party activities are perfect for day or night and are bound to make your bride-to-be feel extra special.

The best hen’s party ideas for day or night activities in Sydney


Weddings are all about shopping for both the bride as well as the guests. So, what better way to help your bride relax and have a fun time than to take her out for a shopping spree? The best part about shopping parties with friends is that you get their feedback on what you’re buying, ensuring that you get what looks best on you. Another benefit of a shopping spree hen’s party is they allow brides to get a lot of their wedding shopping done without any added stress or anxiety. In addition, hen’s day activities are inclusive and great for everyone. You can invite friends and family of all ages to come along without the worry of booking a club or venue for a large number of people.

To organise a shopping spree for your best friend’s hen’s party, book a limousine to make the affair a bit chicer and take her out to the best shopping spots in town.


Does your bride-to-be love dancing? Well then, let her dance her heart out by organising a dance workshop for her hen’s night. This is the perfect idea if you don’t want the hen’s party to be restricted to either day or night activities, as most dance studios are open for extended hours. There are a variety of different private dance workshops available that you can choose from and book. The dance styles on offer range from salsa to Bollywood.


This is definitely up there with the classy hen’s party ideas. There can be nothing more hectic and nerve-wracking than an impending wedding, and there’s no one who can understand this better than the bride and the groom. So, to help the bride relax, unwind, and get some “me time”, book her a day at the spa with relaxing messages so that she can pamper herself before her big day. Invite all her closest friends and surprise her with the best hen’s night she can hope for.


There are plenty of hen’s party activities that can be easily attended on land, but just imagine yourself floating along a river under the night sky, laughing, taking epic pictures and soaking up the sea breeze. Boat parties are fun, easy to organise, and very memorable. If you want to surprise your best friend with one of the more unique hen’s night ideas, book a boat, invite all her close friends, and spend the night dancing, eating, and partying on a private boat.


Cooking and baking are therapeutic for many people, and if your bride-to-be enjoys any of these, throw her an amazing hen’s party by organising a cooking or baking workshop for her. This is another one of the best hen’s party ideas to ensure all ages can join in and celebrate the bride-to-be. Not only will this activity help her relax, calm down, and get her mind off the hectic and tiring wedding planning, but it’s among the more unique hens’ night ideas that not many people consider, which makes it extra special.

You can search for private cooking and baking workshops, choose the bride’s favourite cuisine, and book a workshop for a small group of people.

Use these hen’s party activities for inspiration

These are some of the most relaxing, fun, unique and classy hen’s party ideas that you can surprise your best friend with. When you are planning the activities, you will probably find many people offering their ideas on what the ‘best’ activity is – but always remember that this is the bride-to-be’s night, so take into great consideration her likes and dislikes. Plan the hen’s activities accordingly and take lots of pictures so that these memories will last you a lifetime!

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