Tips on How to Plan a Non-Traditional Hen’s Party

Organising a hen’s party is hard enough already, but with the added pressure of making it non-traditional and unique yet still fun, almost anyone would go nuts. When people speak of hen’s nights, the first thing to come to mind is a night out at a fancy club, dance classes, cooking classes, etc., among many other cliché ideas. So how does one make a hen’s night fun but also non-traditional? Here are some of our top creative hen’s party ideas:

·Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is an age-old activity but not one that is usually planned for hen’s parties. Why? Because brides mostly prefer cheaper and stronger alcohol for their big nights. However, if your bride-to-be is someone who likes a touch of class and elegance in everything, and enjoys quiet, relaxing activities, then make her feel special by organising a wine tasting hen’s party for her.

It’s unique, relaxing, fun and indulging – what more does one need? Search for local vineyards in your area and book a wine tasting session for all the guests at the hen’s party. End the event by gifting the bride-to-be a personalised wine bottle.

·Go Paintballing

 If you think that the bride and bridesmaids are exhausted, stressed, and frustrated by all the wedding planning and preparations, host a hen’s night that can help everyone let off some steam, unwind, and loosen up. Go paintballing! To make it a “bridal paintballing session”, bring along an old bridesmaids dress that you do not intend on wearing again and shoot to your heart’s content. You will get great post-party pictures with the whole bridal theme and attires.

· Book an Intense Exercise Class

Everyone wants to look good on their wedding day. If you really want to go the non-traditional route, book an intense exercise session with the bride and her hen’s party guests. It can be anything from Zumba to cardio, cycling to HIIT (high-intensity interval training). And to throw in a special treat and make the party more hen’s party like, add in a spa session post-exercise or maybe book an hour to relax at the sauna afterwards.

· Plan a “Glamping” Weekend

If the bride is really outdoorsy and a true nature lover, then here’s a unique idea for a hen’s party. Go glamping with your bride and the rest of the bridal party. And no! We are not suggesting that you go “camping” in the dirt and party with the bugs and insects out in the wild. Instead, we are suggesting glamping. Glamping is a classier, more comfortable camping style where the tents are bigger, more comfortable and well equipped with everything a luxurious camping trip would require. These include beds, lanterns, side tables, spacious tents, etc.  Make the trip even more memorable by planning a nice evening by the fire complete with champagne, snacks, and of course, s’mores! This is the most unique, non-traditional hen’s party a bride can ever imagine, and guess what? Everyone gets some quiet, relaxing time off from the maddening wedding activities as well.


So if you are planning a hen’s party and the bride insists on something unique, non-traditional, and out-of-the-box, why not choose one of our creative hen’s party ideas and throw her a fun, memorable hen’s night that she will always remember?


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