Throwing a Hen's Party on Short Notice

Planning a hen's party is hard enough on its own – now imagine planning a hen's party on short notice, with a strict budget! Nightmare, right? Not necessarily!

Unfortunately, not everyone has a few thousand dollars lying around to splurge on a hen's party, and jetting away for the weekend isn’t suitable for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have just as incredible a party in your home town with a smaller party fund!

Here are a few hen's party ideas that don’t involve flying off to a luxury island for the weekend, and still promise to be just as fun.

One Night Sleepover Hen's Party

Weekends away are great, but sometimes a full 48 hours isn’t feasible because of work, or family, or even just previous commitments. Sometimes, there simply isn’t enough time to plan a full two-day party, so why not cut it all down to just one night? Half the packing, half the time and probably also half the hangover, but with all the fun. Pick out one night and throw a sleepover with all the bride’s friends and important family members.

Not only is it budget-friendly, but it also asks for less commitment on behalf of the guests, and it makes it easier for people to attend after work or if they have other plans during the day. Sleepovers can even take you down the nostalgia road as you think about all the fun you had at sleepovers as a kid, and offer a great opportunity to pamper the bride with beauty treatments.

Surprise Hen's Party

Surprise parties can be a bit difficult to pull off, especially if the wedding is near and the bride is busy with preparations. But that means the surprise element is greater! With such little time left before the big event, the bride would most likely not expect a party, which would make it so much more special.

Make sure to coordinate with someone who has an influence on the bride’s schedule to make sure she’s available, and only plan surprises you know she’ll like. Plan the budget beforehand and make sure the bride’s payments have been taken care of!

Reservation Hen's Party

Most likely, if you’re too busy to go out for two days of partying, you’re also too busy to actually plan a full-fledged hen's party on your own. It’s hard to get a decent place set up and decorated accordingly, but it’s pretty easy to just reserve a booth in a bar and hand the decor over to the management.

The best part is that you can have all the facilities you need, such as a sound system and the right kind of atmosphere and lighting for photos, as well as all the drinks you need, just a call away. Most places charge a fixed amount, so you don’t have to worry about going ahead of your budget either.

While short-notice hen's parties are daunting to think of, they can definitely be just as fun as one that’s been planned for a long time.


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