Pole Dance Hens Package Sydney

At Xxl, we accomodate for  Hens Parties that are looking to do something fun, different  & that has a little more interaction with the Bride to be (at the very least it makes for great photo opportunities right). 

So be rest assured that our Pole Dancing Package will have your Hens and Bride Tribe swinging and creating long lasting memories ‘and manoeuvres’ for years to come. 

Booking a Birthday or Hens Night can be a stressful one & difficult decision to make, that’s why at Xxl The Club you can add or subtract any of our Hens Night activities to suit the groups tastes. 

This way you can tailor a more custom Birthday or Hens package to meet everyone’s Criteria of what they count as having a  fun memorable Hens. 

With our Pole Instructor on hand, your bride to be will be nailing the ‘spinning climb’ in no time, & perfecting her 'front & back stag’  before you know it.  

The Pole Dance Coach is highly skilled in not only Pole Dancing, but a professional with customer service when it comes to getting your entire group up and having fun ‘whether they are naturals, beginners or experts’.

It’s the perfect add on to any of our Hens Packages and creates a great vibe and atmosphere amongst your group, whilst making for a perfect start to an evening that’s bound for endless laughs and a memorable night (even after a few champagnes). 

With some Hens groups coming dressed well prepared for the Pole class (Hens leotards to match), it’s also very viable to enjoy the Pole class with normal dress attire and shoes to save the whole changing of outfits. 

Our Pole Dance Class is held between the hours of 5-8pm & usually runs for up to 25-30 minutes depending on group size.  If choosing to do all 3 activities available, there’s always leeway when it comes to spending more or less time in each class depending on how you feel on the night.  So that means no stress if your group is taking a liking to Pole Class and finish up cocktail making in a little less time.


Whilst some may first feel overwhelmed about getting up and learning a few new skills on the Poles, we guarantee their worries will subside when meeting your Pole Dance teacher before the class begins. 


Our Pole Dance instructor on the night is not only certified in Pole Dance, but a gymnastics professional qualified in group training.  So rest assured she is extremely talented in making all feel welcomed and apart of the nights class. 

After seeing first hand at Xxl for 6 years, we can assure you it’s a class that all warm to and definitely the perfect add on to any Sydney Hens Night Package. 


Pole Dancing is a great way to get all the girls (young and old) participating and socialising with one another, especially when it comes to the familiar situation of not everyone knowing one another on the night.  So It’s the perfect ice breaker! 


Some familiar questions asked :


Will our group need a change of clothes on the night?

-Most definitely not. Whilst it can be fun getting into Lycra and some even using the opportunity to dress up in special Pole Dancing matching outfits, the Pole class is made to suit all.

So although We do highly suggest that any shorter dress cuts may feel more comfortable in wearing undergarments, it can be performed in pretty much all dress types. 

How long does the Pole class go for?

- all depending on class size, the Group session typically runs for 25-30 minutes. This can be pre longed or

Shortened on the night. With some Opting to cut another class short and Spending additional time in Pole Class. 


Will we do the classes on our own?

-in all group sizes 8 and above, you are  guaranteed to do both Pole & Cocktail Making Class with just your group in Attendance. Which makes for a More intimate experience!


What time do the classes run?

 -typically all classes are completed In the hours of 6-8pm.  Giving your Group a two hour time slot to Complete Pole Dance & two other classes If choosing to add all 3 to the Hens Night package! We are flexible when It comes to allocating groups & Time slots, as it can be easily changed up to accommodate late comers, or early arrivers. 


Can we add a class to the night later?

 - yes, if the girls are still unsure Whether they would like to do a Certain activity, we suggest in Making the original                   booking For a package without a particular class, and you can Always add to it closer to the date. 



When choosing a Hens Night  Package for your Sydney Hens Party, we believe in thinking outside the box and what’s considered the normal. 

Adding Pole Dance, Life Drawing Class and or Cocktail Making Class to one of our great Hens Night Packages really makes the night flow and keeps your whole Bride Tribe well & truly entertained before the show starts at 8pm.   

Our Sydney Topless Male Waiters & hosts are inHouse from the moment you arrive to help guide you through the classes to make for a smooth & carefree event. We have numerous bars and a huge range of mouth watering cocktails you can choose from whilst at the venue, and the ladies are free to use any of the guys to help accommodate with photos and drinks whilst you are all enjoying the night. 

If you would like any further information on our Pole Dancing Hens Package, Get in touch with us today to enquire more on how we can help you organise the most exciting Hens Party Packages available in Sydney !


Contact us today if you're looking to book in a great Pole Dancing Hens Party in Sydney.
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