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Hens Nights’

Hens parties “Hens nights” can range from afternoon teas with the girls, all the way up to holidays around the world or interstate, and while they don’t celebrate the end of your working life (unfortunately for most) they’re a great opportunity to get your friends & family together for a big bridal blow-out!

In the early days, Women were some what expected to leave their jobs when they got married, so on the last day of work the bride-to-be would be made the centre of attention. Through the 80s and 90s, the ‘hens night ‘ started to really gain in popularity, with More and more brides opting for a party to match bachelors’ pre-wedding shenanigans.

It’s reported that in or around the 1620s, the word ‘Hen’ was first used as slang for women, and in the 1800s it was first referred to as ‘hens party’ to indicate a gathering of females, bringing the first initial term used for what we know today as hens night.

Fast forward to today, And its pretty much unheard of to get married and not have a hens night ‘or bucks night’ usually coinciding on the same weekend pre wedding.

Whatever your nationality or background happens to be, there is no doubt that marriage is probably the single most important decision of your entire adult life. So in what better way to say goodbye to single life than to celebrate in style with us at XxltheClub Sydney with the widest range of hens night activities & ideas.



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