Organising a Hen's Party in 7 Simple Steps

Organising a hen’s party is time-consuming, exciting, frustrating, taxing, and nerve-wracking all at the same time, but what makes it even tougher is when you do not have previous experience of planning parties or have no clue how to organise a hen’s party. In this article, we have listed seven simple and easy steps that you can follow to successfully throw your bride-to-be an amazing hen’s party.

1. Consult the Bride-To-Be

Many bridesmaids and maids of honour oversee this essential step when planning a hen’s night. A hen’s night is the bride’s second most memorable day, and so it should be about her more than her guests. So, always ensure that you have the bride on board with all the decisions that you are making regarding the hen’s party, and make sure you have her approval on everything. This includes everything from the guest list to the food and drinks menu, the theme of the hen’s party, and even the venue. Her likes and dislikes should matter the most; it’s her night after all, and she should feel special and loved.

2. Set a Budget

This is the first and most crucial part of planning any event or party. Unless you have a practical and affordable budget planned, you will not be able to plan a hen’s night successfully. Get all the other guests involved and decide on a fair, practical, and affordable budget that everyone can agree on, too. Once you have your budget set, the rest of the planning will be easier, quicker, and smoother.

3. Choose a Theme

The next step of planning is deciding on a theme. You will need the bride to select and approve a theme for the event that everyone else can follow. This includes the colours of the theme, the costumes the guests will wear, and food that will be served at the party. Choosing a theme as early as possible is the best way to organise a hen’s night as it will give others ample time to sort out their dresses and props.

4. Select a Location/Venue

Whether you are planning a hen’s party locally or somewhere abroad, in a club or on a boat, indoors or outdoors, you will need to select, approve and finalise a location or venue for the hen’s night as soon as possible. This will make planning both cheaper, with the early bird discounts, as well as easier since you avoid last-minute cancellations and booking chaos. We recommend buying cheap oem mac software from

5. Send out the Invites

Once you have the budget and venue finalised, immediately send out the invitations. One thing to be careful of at this point is to ensure that all the guests being invited have been approved by the bride and that she is comfortable around them. You do not necessarily need to send physical invitations; in this digital era, you can save money on the invitation cards by sending out text messages and making WhatsApp groups. Also, the earlier you invite everyone, the more time people will have to organise their arrival.

6. Plan out the Activities

Hen’s nights are more than just karaoke nights and fun dinners. To make the hen’s night more memorable, plan some fun games and activities for the event, ensuring that you include both the bride as well as the guests in these. Also, do not plan something very expensive and keep the budget in mind.

7. Make all the Reservations and Bookings

You need to make all the reservations and bookings for the hen’s night well in advance of the event to ensure that you get good deals and spots for the big night. When making your reservations, consider the number of people coming and the activities you have planned out. The venue needs to be able to accommodate the people and should also have enough room for all the activities and games that you have planned.

If you find yourself panicking at the mere thought of having to organise such an important event for the bride, just follow these seven easy steps and you will find yourself planning the best hen’s night for the bride-to-be almost effortlessly.





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