Male Topless Waiters Sydney

Nothing compliments a Great Sydney Hens Night Package better than a few male Sydney Topless Waiters right? 

That’s why at XXL Sydney, there is no need to be booking Topless Waiters along with trying to organize a whole afternoon of fun, as we have you well and truly covered with our Topless waiters  included in all of our Sydney Hens Night Packages. 

From the moment you arrive, the first thing you’re greeted with is our handsome Topless Waiters holding a champagne poured for you & the girls! Perfect way to kick things off to a great Hens Night full of memories to be made. 

Our vigorous & extremely fit topless waiters all have the hospitality & personality skills to match their bodies. 

We assure this by being extremely selective with who we employ at our venue XXL The Club. And this is reiterated in the fact that the majority of our staff have been with us each and every Saturday since August 2015. 

The way we manage this is unlike some agencies, we do not send out or hire our waiters to hotel rooms or parties on a Saturday night, and choose to keep only our best, most experienced & knowledgeable waiters with us in house at XXL Sydney in the hours of the event.  

As well as being great eye candy, you and the ladies can use the waiters at your disposal, whether that be for photo opportunities, help with gathering drinks from bar to your booths. They will also be informing you of when and where your next Hens activity is, along with take you & your Hens group to the particular class when it’s ready to start.  

The Sydney XXL Topless Waiters are staffed and in venue from 5pm right up until 9pm (the complete duration of Hens event). They are also a small part of the Male Revue Show, and happily take any Hens Night games & dare card requests that many guests bring along to play on the night. So don’t feel shy asking them for their assistance - they're yours for the duration of XXL Event. 

Maybe even surprise the bride to be with a body shot off one of our Sydney Male Topless Waiters, no better way to drink a shot than off a ripped 6 pack for the Hens last hurrah. 


You can breeze our images in ‘gallery’ or 'The men’ to see a few of the Topless Waiters we have with us each and every week and feel free shoot through any special requests that they may be able to accommodate your Hens group with on the night.  


Some optional extras :

If wanting to book a bottle service in at XXL Sydney, you could always opt to have one of our Topless Waiters actually be with your group and your group only for the complete period of time the event runs.  This means he would be secured to your area only, pouring drinks from within your booth, so no need to be walking to and from the bar. This way your entire Hens group can sit back in your chesterfield plush lounge or booth area and really be treated like Queens for the night.  


If this is an option you would like to take up with one of our Male Topless Waiters, enquire today for any of our great Hens Party bottle service packages with our Male Topless Waiter included! 


Another available option is getting one of our Topless waiters to your Sydney hotel room before our event starts at 5pm.  

This Makes for a great ice breaker and can really help bring all the girls together with a laugh ( and something to look at ). We find a lot of Hens Party participants don’t always necessarily know one another, so getting the afternoon Pre celebrations kickstarted  by one of our male topless waiters is the perfect idea.  This Also means you already know a familiar face that will then be one of the waiters that host & guide you though the itinerary at XXL once you arrive. 


If planning a Sydney Hens Package and looking for any further assistance from our team, please feel free to shoot through any questions or requests you may have regarding the Night in general.  Our highly experienced team are able to take the stress out of any Maid of Honors job & make it a pleasant and straight forward, easy going booking process.  


At XXL We have been running Hens Parties in Sydney for 5 years and have become accustomed to what groups are after.  

So when it comes to such a special- once in a lifetime event Being that of a Hens Party or Birthday Celebration, we take great pride and are perfectionists when  organizing your Sydney Hens Night Package or special night out.  



If you are looking for a great Hens Night Package that Includes Male Topless Waiters in Sydney, Get in touch with us today!
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