Life Drawing Hens Package Sydney

The Life Drawing Hens Package, if rated on a scale of 1 to 10 as a must do, would probably be scored an 11.

Especially if judged purely off how hard it is to get most groups out of this room when the class concludes.


Our Life drawing Package is just one of three classes available to add to any of our great and diverse Hens Night Package activities.


You might want to Finish your champagne before walking in to this one, as it’s sure to have your Hens Party Laughing the night away to see who becomes a part of the Class.   


Life Drawing has been around for centuries, and at XXL Sydney, we completely understand why it’s such a hit with our Sydney Life Drawing attendees.


Our Life Drawing Class can be found in both our Hens Night Packages we have on offer, but also can be added to another package if looking to customise your Hens Package to suit a more selected taste.

All 3 of our classes are performed between the hours of 6pm -8pm and usually run for approximately 25-30 minutes. 
We are also 
extremely flexible on most nights as some Groups can find themselves getting through one class in a quicker pace to spend a little more time in another (like Life Drawing for instance).


We do not allocate a particular group to an exact time slot until the night of your arrival, as we find this works best for the reasons being in the odd occasion of a group possibly running late.


When it’s time to start your Life Drawing Class, one of our XXL Topless Waiters will notify your Hens Group a few minutes prior to you having to be in the Life Drawing Room. Once your Hens Group are rounded up and ready, your waiter will then usher you in to meet your Life Drawing Model for the Night.


After equipping your Hens Party with their a3 Life Drawing boards, paper and pens, it’s now your time to shine and release all your inner Picasso’s.


Our Life Drawing Model is highly skilled in not only the obvious of getting down to his Birthday suit, but be rest assured he has a great personality to match the canvas.

All 3 of our Life Drawing models have a minimal of 6 years experience in Life Drawing Class each and every weekend, so be assured your group will be made to feel extremely welcomed and as comfortable as comfortable can be whilst a man is de dressing him self infront of a room filled of onlookers.


We would not permit the Life Drawing Class to be conducted by any staff member that didn’t have ample experience In the field of Life Drawing. And each of our Life Drawing Models has the hospitality skills it takes to have the Hens Party Cheering & laughing the night away (So we promise no awkward guy).

Depending on the night and what Life Drawing Model you get, you can always feel comfortable in asking a question that almost all are wondering, and that’s if it’s ok to take pictures. You will find that most of Our Life Drawing Models at XXL do not mind and are happy to join in on getting some great snaps for a few future lols.

Life Drawing is one Hens activities we find really loosens up even the quietest of Hens groups.

We often find that a lot of the larger Hens Party Groups don’t usually all know one another, and the Life Drawing Class Makes for the perfect ice breaker between the Girls.

If for the odd chance your Hen Or Birthday  girl wanted to do Life Drawing Class but preferred the Life Drawing Model did not go down to completely nude, we can also easily accomodate for any requests of this nature.  As our main focus at XXL Sydney is our guests having fun in an environment they feel completely comfortable within.


If when booking in a package with us at XXL, some of the group were still unsure whether or not Life Drawing Class is something they were interested in doing, we simply suggest booking in a lower package tier as you can always upgrade at a later date by adding Life Drawing Class to your Hens Package.


Our Party planning team has over 7 years experience running Sydney Hens Nights and can help tailor the most ideal, perfect Hens Package for your groups taste and budget.


We take great care and pride in planning and organising all our Sydney Hens & Birthday bookings and assure you an easy going, stress free flowing process.


If you’d like to know more about our Life Drawing Hens Packages, or have any further questions or requests when it comes to our Life Drawing Class, please feel free to get in contact with us today.


Looking for a great Life Drawing Hens Package in Sydney? Read on for more information!
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