How to Organize a Memorable Hen’s party

Are you planning to throw your friend a hen’s night? Are you wondering how you can make it memorable for her? Well, you’ve come to the right place. A hen’s night is a bride’s second most memorable night of her life (the wedding being the first, of course), so it has to be a memorable and terrific one by all means. In this blog, we have come up with a list of tips, tricks, and ideas that can help you make the bride-to-be’s hen’s night an unforgettable affair. Here’s how you can organise a fun, special hen’s night.

1. Make Your Guest List

A great hen’s do will obviously have a bunch of people on the guest list, so the first step of organising a hen’s do is to come up with a guest list and get the bride-to-be to approve it. Only the people she is comfortable with should end up coming to the party.

Think of all the people that your friend would want to have at her hen’s do and list them. To ensure that you are not missing anyone out or inviting someone extra, get her to go through the list and approve it. Your guest list should also focus on the transportation aspect of the event. Work out how you will be getting your guests to the venue, as well as the cost of transportation.   

2. Set the Budget and Tell Everyone About It

This brings us to the second step of the organising process; setting the budget. Whenever you’re planning for any event, it is of paramount importance that you set a budget and stick to it to avoid any overspending or financial issues. You must plan the budget with everyone else involved so that you can have a fair, practical, and realistic budget. It is also equally important that everyone agrees to it so that you are not burdening anyone with hefty expenses. We found affordable prices on Adobe creative suite 6 academic discount - Buy And Download now.

Your budget will be the defining factor when it comes to how big, successful, and extravagant the hen’s night can be, so plan it carefully. A very high budget for an all-out hen’s do might force some key people to opt out, whereas an impractically low budget might end up in a forgettable event.

3. Select a Theme

There no hen’s night without a great theme. When you’re organising your bride-to-be’s hen’s do, make sure to choose an appropriate theme; take into account the bride’s likes and dislikes when you’re thinking of a theme for the hen’s do. After all, it’s her that you’re throwing a hen’s night for in the first place.

Selecting a theme will involve a range of different colours, dress ideas, and props, which means you will have to work around the budget you set earlier. 

4. Decide the Location/ Venue

A hen’s do is defined by where it takes place. It can be anywhere your bride is comfortable, from her doorstep to yours, a club, the beach; even a hotel can make for a great venue. But then again, you need to keep your budget in mind. Another important thing to keep in mind is that if you’re looking to host the hen’s night at a private club, hotel, or venue, you will need to pre-book the venue and make reservations, so plan accordingly, leaving sufficient time to organise the booking and reservations. Also, keep in mind that the venue of the event needs to be accessible by all those invited so that everything goes according to plan. 


After reading this article, we hope you have an easy time planning your friend’s hen’s night. If you keep all the above-mentioned things in mind, you’re sure to give her a night to remember before her big day!


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