How to Make Your Hen Feel Special at Her Hen’s Party

The hen’s night is perhaps the second most memorable and special day in every woman’s life, and so it is only fair that she is made to feel special on her big day. But the question here is, how does one make the bride-to-be feel loved and special on her hen’s night? Well, you go all out and start by ensuring that everything is happening with her consent and approval, and her likes and dislikes are being constantly considered. There are certain other little things that you can also do to make your bride-to-be feel special, loved, and appreciated. In this article, we have listed five ways you can do just that.



· Spoil Her

Make the bride-to-be feel loved and appreciated by spoiling her. Make her feel special by indulging her in activities that she loves and enjoys. These can be anything from shopping sprees to boat parties, spa days and massages to a quiet dinner. It can even be a night out at a club like XXL The Club or a trip to the beach – anything and everything that she truly enjoys. Make the occasion even more special by adding all her favourite items to the menu and inviting everyone she loves to the event. It doesn’t get any better than this.

· Arrange Classy Transport

 Since it is the bride’s big day, arrange for her to reach the hen’s party venue in style. You can opt for a classic limousine as her classy ride or perk things up by booking a carriage ride for her if the venue and event are outdoors. To make her feel even more special, get a suited chauffeur to drive her to the location and pop in a few personally written notes for her to read while she is on her way.

· Write a Letter

On the night before the hen’s party, have all the invited guests write down little personal letters to the bride-to-be that she can read and enjoy. These will act as little reminders of all the good times the bride has had with her friends and how much she means to them – the perfect way to appreciate her.

· Perform for Her

One of the best ways to cheer up an emotional or stressed out bride-to-be is to get all her friends to perform for her, preferably on her favourite song. Take her down the memory lane, get her to participate, and make her enjoy herself. Brides can get very emotional a few days ahead of their wedding. The thought of such a drastic change often overwhelms them, so as a fun activity for the hen’s night, plan and perform a little show for her so that she knows how much she means to everyone. This can be a song recital, a short skit or a dance routine, or even something which can remind her of her past days.

· Make Her Breakfast

Brides are almost often always in a rush in the days leading up to the big day. They tend to neglect their diet and sleep a lot while planning their wedding. Amidst all the last-minute chaos, to make her feel loved and cared for, make her favourite breakfast on the morning of the hen’s night. Make her sit down, relax, eat, and refuel. She needs the energy and nutrition to work through these tiring days. If you can’t make it for her in person, send her a breakfast hamper instead.


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