How Long Should Your Hen's Party Be?

When planning hen's parties, a common question that comes up is how long it should be. Usually, hen's parties are either one night or one weekend, but all of that really depends on multiple things. Let’s look at what to consider when planning the length of your hen's party.


The first thing is to look at the itinerary. If you’re staying in the same town, then your activities probably aren’t as extensive as if you were flying out for the weekend. See what activities you have planned for the hen's party, and consider how much time it’d take to get through all of them realistically. Even if there are very simple activities, when there are multiple people doing them together, it’s bound to take more time than usual. Depending on what you plan to do, you might want to split them up over a couple of days instead of stuffing the day full of so many things to do that you end up not having fun with any of them.


It’s a given that if several people are to travel over some distance, then the hen's party would be much longer than just one evening. Travel time aside, you want to actually enjoy the party destination as well. Hen's parties carried out abroad are usually a few days longer than just a weekend, while hen's parties where you aren’t leaving town would naturally be shorter.


This one is pretty obvious. One of the main problems faced by people in attending or even hosting hen's parties is the availability. Many are unable to spend so much time away from home because of family or work commitments. Make sure to ask everyone for their availability before you plan the weekend, and you can even plan your party activities according to how many people you’re sure will be there. You could even have people attend just for a while, such as a friend coming for one out of two days, or a cousin showing up after work to stay the night.


The itinerary and the destination will obviously depend on the budget, but consider the fact that the longer your hen's party is, the more you’ll have to spend on it. If you’re flying out for a week, you’ll have to pay for accommodation and transport as well as all the activities you want to try out, whereas if you stay in your own town, you can save that money or even plan more activities for the same amount. Since hen's parties are usually a combined effort, you want to make sure you plan a party where nobody is forced to pitch in more than they can afford, nor feel like they are being pressured into doing so.

In the end, it all depends on what your hen's night is going to be like since each party is different. So, don’t feel pressured into thinking your hen's party has to be a few days longer when you could have the same amount of fun in one night.


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