Hen's Party Bag Ideas

For any hen's party, whether it’s a spa day or a wild, girl’s night out, you need to throw in some party bags to make the celebration that much more fun. Everyone likes present after all – whether they’re icebreakers to get the party started, or hangover cures for the coming morning, party bags filled with small gifts will definitely be appreciated by everyone.

The Bag

First things first – you need a bag to put them in. It’s best to pick one that suits the theme of the hen party, and there are many places that can make customized bags for you. There are also some pretty great designs available online that you can choose from.


If you’re heading out for a night in town, it’s pretty much agreed that you need some kind of headwear to really celebrate. Add flower crowns or star halo crowns, and you’ll not only have fun but also look pretty fab in your hen's party photos.


You have your headgear, but you need to deck up and make sure everyone knows your group is there to party! Add a customized wrist band or sash to each bag to add some style to everyone’s outfits. Plus, they’d be pretty great mementos for a few years down the lane!

Icebreaker Cards

If your hen's party has a few people who don’t know each other yet, pop an icebreaker card into each bag so everyone can get talking and start having fun from the get-go!


Who doesn’t love sweets? Buy a bunch of sweets in your party’s theme colours and wrap them in a striped paper bag to add to each party bag. It adds a little bit of weight to the bag and makes for a great filler!

Beauty Products

After your wild hen's party comes to the pre-wedding relaxation. Add some beauty products into the party bag, such as face masks, bath creams, and lip balm. Your hen party could even just be a sleepover where everyone can use their face masks. Makes for a great photo session too!

Temporary Tattoos

Maybe tattoos aren’t everyone’s thing, but there’s nothing wrong with some sticker temporary tattoos to add to a party bag, just to remind everyone that they’re there to let go and have fun.


Of course, if you’re out to party, you may need to add a few essentials to let your guests unwind afterwards. Band-aids and plasters to get rid of those bruises from wearing heels for so long, and some hangover pills for the next morning. Add a few tissues and hand sanitizer for extra care.

The Essentials

If you’re heading out for your hen's party, you might want to add the itinerary and a card with all the emergency contact details in case of any emergencies.

Remember: every hen's party is different, so of course, you don’t necessarily have to add all of these. Each party bag is customized to the kind of party you’re throwing, so you can mix and match to make your hen's party bag perfect!


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