Best Hen's Party Spots In and Around Sydney

If you are in charge of planning the hen's party for your best friend, you want to throw an unforgettable party. But how can you ensure that the party is a hit? The first image that flashes in our mind when we think of the hen's party is that of an elegantly-decorated ballroom.

And while you can go the traditional route for throwing the party, why not add fabulosity in your event? In this article, we'll talk about some ravishing hen's party spots that will add double the fun to your event.


Best Hen's Party Spots In and Around Sydney 


1. A BYO Restaurant

The wedding season pokes a leak into your bank account that drains all your savings rapidly. If you decide to throw a hen's party at a fancy restaurant, you brace yourself for the shock you receive after checking out the bill. You don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on booze, right? Check out BYO restaurants for a budget hen's party.

2. Take Advantage of the View

One blessing of living in Sydney is the incredible seaside views that the city has to offer. Book a meal at any place that offers the iconic views of the glistening sea.

3. Pineapple Tours

If you want to break free of the traditional hen's night, you can opt for Pineapple Tours that offer private tours of the best wineries and eateries of Sydney. Isn't it a fabulous way to celebrate your friend's singlehood?

4. La Fortuna Cabaret Dinner Show

How would you feel about a night full of cabaret acts, dancer, magicians, and singers? If you love cabarets, La Fortuna Cabaret Dinner Show is the place to be.

5. Rhythmboat Cruises

Can you have a dull moment on the cruise? Of course not! So, why not celebrate a hen's night on Rhythmboat Cruises. With plenty of packages available, you literally have to place your finger on one package and, voila, everything is properly arranged.

6. Zen Day Spa

Do you want the bride-to-be to break free from all the wedding drama - yes, all households have it? The perfect place, then, to hold the hen's party is at Zen Day Spa which lives by the motto "relax, renew, revive, and escape the times of time and the buzzing sound of city life".

7. Men on fire Australia

If you are looking for spicing up the hen's party, Men on Fire Australia is the right answer for you. From topless hunks to other amazing sexy games, Men on Fire  Australia is a perfect place to allow your friend to say the last hurrah as an unmarried woman.

8. The Sconery

If you don't want to spend the night being squeezed by male strippers, here's a perfect alternative for you. Take your friends to The Sconery where they can prepare their own high tea.

The Final Word

The hen's party is one of the most memorable pre-wedding events that ought to be well-thought-out and spectacular. If you are not planning to take the traditional route, look for alternatives to celebrate the hen's night with a style.


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