8 Hen's Party Games that Everyone Will Love

Perfecting the wedding day may be priority number one of the bride-to-be. But, as the maid-of-honor, the job of throwing the bride a spectacular hen's party lies on your shoulders. This is an event that almost all brides-to-be impatiently wait for. Planning a hen's party isn't easy. As a maid-of-honor, you'd feel that you are juggling way too many responsibilities and you'd even start questioning yourself whether you are the right choice for this difficult job. What is even more stressful is making sure that the party is a hit. We've something to say to you: we've got your back.

The first rule of planning a hen's party is focusing on its entertainment value. If you want a night full of laughter fun, you should consider arranging some fun hen's party games. If you are out of the ideas, read this article until the end to see what options you have.

Fun Hen's Party Games that Everyone Will Love


1. About the Bride

Do you want the hen's party to turn all lovey-dovey with countless awws? If your answer is yes, about the bride game is a wonderful option. The game has simple rules: you have to ask each hen to anonymously write their unforgettable memory with the bride on a piece of paper. The bride is then asked to read the answers and figure out who has written what.

2. Hen's Party Dares

The pressure's on the dear maid-of-honor! To add a dash of extra fun, we recommend you play the famous truth or dare game without the truth part. All you have to do is to get some cards and write exciting dares on them. Ask each hen to pick up a card and do as directed.

3. Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever is another fun game. This drinking game will even allow the bride-to-be to disclose some of her secrets. Sounds fun, right?

4. Banned Words

To play the game, all you have to do is to create a list of banned words and ensure that the banned words are not spoken. You should also decide on a penalty for breaking the rules such as doing a dare or taking a shot or paying a fine.

5. Balloon Question Time

Write embarrassing questions on a piece of paper and place them in balloons. Each guest will have to pop the balloon and make the bride-to-be answer the question.

6. Hen Night Bingo Cards

Prepare the cards with a list of gifts that you expect the bride will get on the hen's night. Start crossing off the items while the bride-to-be opens the gift.

7. Male Model

A fun game that will guarantee laughter. Divide the hens into teams and ask them to create a male model using a soft dough.

8. DIY Bride

Split the guests into two teams and ask them to create a bridal dress while using only toilet paper. Sounds fun! 


The Final Word

Planning a party seems like a difficult task. But, with these fun games, you can ensure that everyone has the time of their lives at the hen's party.



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