7 Games for Your Hen’s Party

Every bride loves to make the last few days of her singlehood fun and exciting. From hanging out with her girlfriends to spending quality time all by herself, brides-to-be deserve pampering and love. And this is why bridesmaids throw a hens party to the adorable bride so that they can have some unforgettable moments with the bride.


Exciting Games that Every Bride Will Love

All food and no games makes any party boring. In this article, let’s have a look at some fun and exciting games that will turn your party into the talk of the town.


How well do you know the bride?

Divide the hens into teams and hand over the list of questions. Give them five to 10 minutes to fill in the paper. After the time’s up, ask the bride all these questions. See who gets the highest number of people.


Never Have I Ever

This fun game is the life of all parties. Not only do you get to know the “juicy secrets” of the bride and other friends, but it will also allow you to enjoy the booze early into the party.


Make a Man

For more fun and bouts of laughter, play the make a man game. All you have to do is to use play- doh to make different body parts. Split the hens into a team and ask all teams to make one part. Then, assemble them to create a man.


The Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Make your very own variation of “say yes to the dress” with some twist. Instead of using fabric to create your dream dress, use the most unique product –toilet paper. This creative game lets the hens  show their crazy and artistic sides. In the end, ask the bride to choose the best dress.


Find the Groom

No, we aren’t asking you to go out and find the groom – the bride has taken care of that! In the Find the Groom game, you will have to print out the pictures of various men and roll them up. Put each roll in a balloon. Ask your guests to pop the balloons. Whoever finds the groom’s picture will win the game.


Wedding Film Charade

While you can play the regular charade game, it’s better to add some wedding flavor to the game. Make a list of all wedding movies and write their names down on small pieces of paper. Put these in a hat and ask your guests to pick up a paper and act it out. The other team will have to guess the name of the movie. The team which correctly guesses the most names will win.



Get some cards and list down three things about the bride on each card. One of the three statements will be false. Get the bride to read them out in front of each guest Every guest will have the chance to correctly guess which statement is false. 


The Final Word

Hen parties can be fun and incredibly exciting. With the help of the games listed in this article, spice up your party and make it entertaining.



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