6 Unconventional Hens Party Ideas

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a hen's party? You imagine a group of women sitting on a round table wearing fancy dresses, carefully taking sips from crystal champagne glasses, and laughing occasionally. While this could be the idea of a hens party for some, many brides-to-be are not sold on this idea of a hens party, and would want something that will give their frenemies sleepless nights.

In this article, let's have a look at some of the craziest hen's party ideas that will make all your friends go Ted-style 'Woah'. Here we go:

Unconventional Hen's Party Ideas

1. 90s Sleepovers

The '90s weren't just a decade - it was a feeling; an experience in itself. Even today, you will find so many 90s references all over. How about bringing the 90s to your hens party? Well, you can clearly do so by arranging a 90s-themed sleepover. Shh! Don't let the bride know, but this is a very cost-effective plan as well. Buy chips, chocolates, and other snacks in bulk and get the DVDs of 90s classics. Doesn't this sound amazing?

2. Horror Experience

Horror experience and hens party? Sounds like an unusual combo, right? But you'd see that using different elements in your party will make your party even more eventful. Use situations such as escaping a prison cell in Bristol or navigating through an abandoned hospital, etc., to spice up your event.

3. K-Beauty Party

The K-Beauty trend has immense popularity. To make your party unforgettable, make use of this trend and use sheet masks to have a night full of fun and laughter.

4. Inflatable Games

Is there any age limit when it comes to inflatable games? We don't think so! As adults, you can include different inflatable games at your party to make your event a bit extra!

5. Belly Dancing Lessons

You don't have to book a flight to Dubai - although you can do so if you want your bride-to-be to enjoy the elite life of Dubai with her girl friends - to arrange for belly dancing lessons for the bride. You can easily sign up for the classes offered in your very own country and have a day out. Anyone in the group who has no idea how to shake a leg will have a time of their life when they'd try belly dancing. An evening where the bride laughs hysterically - check!

6. Sumo Wrestling

Yes, you read it right the first time. We're talking about Sumo Wrestling only. At the hen's party? Absolutely! What's more fun than wearing massive sumo suits and having fun at the inflatable area. We highly recommend you try sumo wrestling at the hens party.

The Final Word

Hens parties don't have to be a hi-tea party at your backyard. It could be a lot more fun. Also, to make your parties unforgettable you don't have to drain your bank account. We hope this article allows you to throw the best hens party for the lovely bride-to-be.


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