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Tips on How to Plan a Non-Traditional Hen’s Party

Tips on How to Plan a Non-Traditional Hen’s Party

Organising a hen’s party is hard enough already, but with the added pressure of making it non-traditional and unique yet still fun, almost anyone would go nuts. When people speak of hen’s nights, the first thing to come to mind is a night out at a fancy club, dance classes, cooking classes, etc., among many other cliché ideas. So how does one make a hen’s night fun but also non-traditional? Here are some of our top creative hen’s party ideas:

·Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is an age-old activity but not one that is usually planned for hen’s parties. Why? Because brides mostly prefer cheaper and stronger alcohol for their big nights. However, if your bride-to-be is someone who likes a touch of class and elegance in everything, and enjoys quiet, relaxing activities, then make her feel special by organising a wine tasting hen’s party for her.

It’s unique, relaxing, fun and indulging – what more does one need? Search for local vineyards in your area and book a wine tasting session for all the guests at the hen’s party. End the event by gifting the bride-to-be a personalised wine bottle.

·Go Paintballing

 If you think that the bride and bridesmaids are exhausted, stressed, and frustrated by all the wedding planning and preparations, host a hen’s night that can help everyone let off some steam, unwind, and loosen up. Go paintballing! To make it a “bridal paintballing session”, bring along an old bridesmaids dress that you do not intend on wearing again and shoot to your heart’s content. You will get great post-party pictures with the whole bridal theme and attires.

· Book an Intense Exercise Class

Everyone wants to look good on their wedding day. If you really want to go the non-traditional route, book an intense exercise session with the bride and her hen’s party guests. It can be anything from Zumba to cardio, cycling to HIIT (high-intensity interval training). And to throw in a special treat and make the party more hen’s party like, add in a spa session post-exercise or maybe book an hour to relax at the sauna afterwards.

· Plan a “Glamping” Weekend

If the bride is really outdoorsy and a true nature lover, then here’s a unique idea for a hen’s party. Go glamping with your bride and the rest of the bridal party. And no! We are not suggesting that you go “camping” in the dirt and party with the bugs and insects out in the wild. Instead, we are suggesting glamping. Glamping is a classier, more comfortable camping style where the tents are bigger, more comfortable and well equipped with everything a luxurious camping trip would require. These include beds, lanterns, side tables, spacious tents, etc.  Make the trip even more memorable by planning a nice evening by the fire complete with champagne, snacks, and of course, s’mores! This is the most unique, non-traditional hen’s party a bride can ever imagine, and guess what? Everyone gets some quiet, relaxing time off from the maddening wedding activities as well.


So if you are planning a hen’s party and the bride insists on something unique, non-traditional, and out-of-the-box, why not choose one of our creative hen’s party ideas and throw her a fun, memorable hen’s night that she will always remember?



How to Make Your Hen Feel Special at Her Hen’s Party

How to Make Your Hen Feel Special at Her Hen’s Party

The hen’s night is perhaps the second most memorable and special day in every woman’s life, and so it is only fair that she is made to feel special on her big day. But the question here is, how does one make the bride-to-be feel loved and special on her hen’s night? Well, you go all out and start by ensuring that everything is happening with her consent and approval, and her likes and dislikes are being constantly considered. There are certain other little things that you can also do to make your bride-to-be feel special, loved, and appreciated. In this article, we have listed five ways you can do just that.



· Spoil Her

Make the bride-to-be feel loved and appreciated by spoiling her. Make her feel special by indulging her in activities that she loves and enjoys. These can be anything from shopping sprees to boat parties, spa days and massages to a quiet dinner. It can even be a night out at a club like XXL The Club or a trip to the beach – anything and everything that she truly enjoys. Make the occasion even more special by adding all her favourite items to the menu and inviting everyone she loves to the event. It doesn’t get any better than this.

· Arrange Classy Transport

 Since it is the bride’s big day, arrange for her to reach the hen’s party venue in style. You can opt for a classic limousine as her classy ride or perk things up by booking a carriage ride for her if the venue and event are outdoors. To make her feel even more special, get a suited chauffeur to drive her to the location and pop in a few personally written notes for her to read while she is on her way.

· Write a Letter

On the night before the hen’s party, have all the invited guests write down little personal letters to the bride-to-be that she can read and enjoy. These will act as little reminders of all the good times the bride has had with her friends and how much she means to them – the perfect way to appreciate her.

· Perform for Her

One of the best ways to cheer up an emotional or stressed out bride-to-be is to get all her friends to perform for her, preferably on her favourite song. Take her down the memory lane, get her to participate, and make her enjoy herself. Brides can get very emotional a few days ahead of their wedding. The thought of such a drastic change often overwhelms them, so as a fun activity for the hen’s night, plan and perform a little show for her so that she knows how much she means to everyone. This can be a song recital, a short skit or a dance routine, or even something which can remind her of her past days.

· Make Her Breakfast

Brides are almost often always in a rush in the days leading up to the big day. They tend to neglect their diet and sleep a lot while planning their wedding. Amidst all the last-minute chaos, to make her feel loved and cared for, make her favourite breakfast on the morning of the hen’s night. Make her sit down, relax, eat, and refuel. She needs the energy and nutrition to work through these tiring days. If you can’t make it for her in person, send her a breakfast hamper instead.



8 Hen's Party Games that Everyone Will Love

8 Hen's Party Games that Everyone Will Love

Perfecting the wedding day may be priority number one of the bride-to-be. But, as the maid-of-honor, the job of throwing the bride a spectacular hen's party lies on your shoulders. This is an event that almost all brides-to-be impatiently wait for. Planning a hen's party isn't easy. As a maid-of-honor, you'd feel that you are juggling way too many responsibilities and you'd even start questioning yourself whether you are the right choice for this difficult job. What is even more stressful is making sure that the party is a hit. We've something to say to you: we've got your back.

The first rule of planning a hen's party is focusing on its entertainment value. If you want a night full of laughter fun, you should consider arranging some fun hen's party games. If you are out of the ideas, read this article until the end to see what options you have.

Fun Hen's Party Games that Everyone Will Love


1. About the Bride

Do you want the hen's party to turn all lovey-dovey with countless awws? If your answer is yes, about the bride game is a wonderful option. The game has simple rules: you have to ask each hen to anonymously write their unforgettable memory with the bride on a piece of paper. The bride is then asked to read the answers and figure out who has written what.

2. Hen's Party Dares

The pressure's on the dear maid-of-honor! To add a dash of extra fun, we recommend you play the famous truth or dare game without the truth part. All you have to do is to get some cards and write exciting dares on them. Ask each hen to pick up a card and do as directed.

3. Never Have I Ever

Never have I ever is another fun game. This drinking game will even allow the bride-to-be to disclose some of her secrets. Sounds fun, right?

4. Banned Words

To play the game, all you have to do is to create a list of banned words and ensure that the banned words are not spoken. You should also decide on a penalty for breaking the rules such as doing a dare or taking a shot or paying a fine.

5. Balloon Question Time

Write embarrassing questions on a piece of paper and place them in balloons. Each guest will have to pop the balloon and make the bride-to-be answer the question.

6. Hen Night Bingo Cards

Prepare the cards with a list of gifts that you expect the bride will get on the hen's night. Start crossing off the items while the bride-to-be opens the gift.

7. Male Model

A fun game that will guarantee laughter. Divide the hens into teams and ask them to create a male model using a soft dough.

8. DIY Bride

Split the guests into two teams and ask them to create a bridal dress while using only toilet paper. Sounds fun! 


The Final Word

Planning a party seems like a difficult task. But, with these fun games, you can ensure that everyone has the time of their lives at the hen's party.




Best Hen's Party Spots In and Around Sydney

Best Hen's Party Spots In and Around Sydney

If you are in charge of planning the hen's party for your best friend, you want to throw an unforgettable party. But how can you ensure that the party is a hit? The first image that flashes in our mind when we think of the hen's party is that of an elegantly-decorated ballroom.

And while you can go the traditional route for throwing the party, why not add fabulosity in your event? In this article, we'll talk about some ravishing hen's party spots that will add double the fun to your event.


Best Hen's Party Spots In and Around Sydney 


1. A BYO Restaurant

The wedding season pokes a leak into your bank account that drains all your savings rapidly. If you decide to throw a hen's party at a fancy restaurant, you brace yourself for the shock you receive after checking out the bill. You don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on booze, right? Check out BYO restaurants for a budget hen's party.

2. Take Advantage of the View

One blessing of living in Sydney is the incredible seaside views that the city has to offer. Book a meal at any place that offers the iconic views of the glistening sea.

3. Pineapple Tours

If you want to break free of the traditional hen's night, you can opt for Pineapple Tours that offer private tours of the best wineries and eateries of Sydney. Isn't it a fabulous way to celebrate your friend's singlehood?

4. La Fortuna Cabaret Dinner Show

How would you feel about a night full of cabaret acts, dancer, magicians, and singers? If you love cabarets, La Fortuna Cabaret Dinner Show is the place to be.

5. Rhythmboat Cruises

Can you have a dull moment on the cruise? Of course not! So, why not celebrate a hen's night on Rhythmboat Cruises. With plenty of packages available, you literally have to place your finger on one package and, voila, everything is properly arranged.

6. Zen Day Spa

Do you want the bride-to-be to break free from all the wedding drama - yes, all households have it? The perfect place, then, to hold the hen's party is at Zen Day Spa which lives by the motto "relax, renew, revive, and escape the times of time and the buzzing sound of city life".

7. Men on fire Australia

If you are looking for spicing up the hen's party, Men on Fire Australia is the right answer for you. From topless hunks to other amazing sexy games, Men on Fire  Australia is a perfect place to allow your friend to say the last hurrah as an unmarried woman.

8. The Sconery

If you don't want to spend the night being squeezed by male strippers, here's a perfect alternative for you. Take your friends to The Sconery where they can prepare their own high tea.

The Final Word

The hen's party is one of the most memorable pre-wedding events that ought to be well-thought-out and spectacular. If you are not planning to take the traditional route, look for alternatives to celebrate the hen's night with a style.



How to Organize a Memorable Hen’s party

How to Organize a Memorable Hen’s party

Are you planning to throw your friend a hen’s night? Are you wondering how you can make it memorable for her? Well, you’ve come to the right place. A hen’s night is a bride’s second most memorable night of her life (the wedding being the first, of course), so it has to be a memorable and terrific one by all means. In this blog, we have come up with a list of tips, tricks, and ideas that can help you make the bride-to-be’s hen’s night an unforgettable affair. Here’s how you can organise a fun, special hen’s night.

1. Make Your Guest List

A great hen’s do will obviously have a bunch of people on the guest list, so the first step of organising a hen’s do is to come up with a guest list and get the bride-to-be to approve it. Only the people she is comfortable with should end up coming to the party.

Think of all the people that your friend would want to have at her hen’s do and list them. To ensure that you are not missing anyone out or inviting someone extra, get her to go through the list and approve it. Your guest list should also focus on the transportation aspect of the event. Work out how you will be getting your guests to the venue, as well as the cost of transportation.   

2. Set the Budget and Tell Everyone About It

This brings us to the second step of the organising process; setting the budget. Whenever you’re planning for any event, it is of paramount importance that you set a budget and stick to it to avoid any overspending or financial issues. You must plan the budget with everyone else involved so that you can have a fair, practical, and realistic budget. It is also equally important that everyone agrees to it so that you are not burdening anyone with hefty expenses.

Your budget will be the defining factor when it comes to how big, successful, and extravagant the hen’s night can be, so plan it carefully. A very high budget for an all-out hen’s do might force some key people to opt out, whereas an impractically low budget might end up in a forgettable event.

3. Select a Theme

There no hen’s night without a great theme. When you’re organising your bride-to-be’s hen’s do, make sure to choose an appropriate theme; take into account the bride’s likes and dislikes when you’re thinking of a theme for the hen’s do. After all, it’s her that you’re throwing a hen’s night for in the first place.

Selecting a theme will involve a range of different colours, dress ideas, and props, which means you will have to work around the budget you set earlier. 

4. Decide the Location/ Venue

A hen’s do is defined by where it takes place. It can be anywhere your bride is comfortable, from her doorstep to yours, a club, the beach; even a hotel can make for a great venue. But then again, you need to keep your budget in mind. Another important thing to keep in mind is that if you’re looking to host the hen’s night at a private club, hotel, or venue, you will need to pre-book the venue and make reservations, so plan accordingly, leaving sufficient time to organise the booking and reservations. Also, keep in mind that the venue of the event needs to be accessible by all those invited so that everything goes according to plan. 


After reading this article, we hope you have an easy time planning your friend’s hen’s night. If you keep all the above-mentioned things in mind, you’re sure to give her a night to remember before her big day!



Throwing a Hen's party On a Budget

Throwing a Hen's party On a Budget

Planning a hen’s night is exciting, frustrating, challenging, and nerve-wracking all at the same time, but what makes it even more challenging is when you have to plan a hen’s party on a budget. There are not many budget-friendly ideas one can think of, especially when they have to plan a fun, memorable hen’s party. So, we decided to make the task a bit easier for you. In this article, we have come up with all the tips and tricks that will help you throw an unforgettable, fun hen’s night while sticking to your budget.


Plan in Advance

It can be challenging to plan a hen’s night without it getting too expensive. So, what makes planning a budget-friendly hen’s party possible? The key to this is planning in advance. Planning allows you ample time to research your options, make the guest lists, and get a realistic budget approved by the rest of the people involved. Most importantly, it allows you to get your hands on some good money-saving deals. It can get especially disastrous if you are planning a city trip and you leave your bookings and reservations to the eleventh hour.

Whether you’re planning to go for a short trip abroad or looking to host a dinner or party at a club, the sooner you make your bookings and reservations, the less expensive it is going to be. As soon as you have your bride’s dates confirmed, start looking for deals, bargains and early-bird discounts. These will help you save as much money as possible and allow you to plan a hen’s night on a reasonable, practical budget.

Take Your Time to Plan the Guest List

Guest lists are an integral part of every hen’s party. You need to put in a considerable amount of time and effort to have a guest list planned and approved by the bride. Some keys things to be careful of when planning a guest list is ensuring that your bride is comfortable with everyone being invited, the venue and budget are in every guest’s reach, and that you have the means of transportation sorted out for every guest. To stick to your budget when organising a hen’s night, try to invite only those people who are close to the bride-to-be, and ensure that you have sent the invitations well before the event so that the guests have the time to confirm their attendance and pool in the money.

Keep It Simple

The simpler the hen’s party, the less expensive and easier it is going to be to organise. In order to remain within your set budget, think of simple ideas for the hen’s night. To make matters easier, stick to local venues and spots. This will make the event cheaper to organise and more accessible to get to. For budget-friendly hen’s party options, keep your options easy and inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean they have to be basic and usual. Here are some cool, unique ideas that will help you throw a hen’s party on a budget:

  • Spa Days / Packages
  • Boozy Brunches or Afternoon Teas
  • Local beaches and forests
  • Sleepovers and a Girl’s Night in
  • Wine and Cheese Night
  • Cooking or Cocktail Making Class

These are all the tips and tricks that will allow you to organise a hen’s party while sticking to your budget. The ideas listed above are cheap, simple, and easy to organise.



Organising a Hen's Party in 7 Simple Steps

Organising a Hen's Party in 7 Simple Steps

Organising a hen’s party is time-consuming, exciting, frustrating, taxing, and nerve-wracking all at the same time, but what makes it even tougher is when you do not have previous experience of planning parties or have no clue how to organise a hen’s party. In this article, we have listed seven simple and easy steps that you can follow to successfully throw your bride-to-be an amazing hen’s party.

1. Consult the Bride-To-Be

Many bridesmaids and maids of honour oversee this essential step when planning a hen’s night. A hen’s night is the bride’s second most memorable day, and so it should be about her more than her guests. So, always ensure that you have the bride on board with all the decisions that you are making regarding the hen’s party, and make sure you have her approval on everything. This includes everything from the guest list to the food and drinks menu, the theme of the hen’s party, and even the venue. Her likes and dislikes should matter the most; it’s her night after all, and she should feel special and loved.

2. Set a Budget

This is the first and most crucial part of planning any event or party. Unless you have a practical and affordable budget planned, you will not be able to plan a hen’s night successfully. Get all the other guests involved and decide on a fair, practical, and affordable budget that everyone can agree on, too. Once you have your budget set, the rest of the planning will be easier, quicker, and smoother.

3. Choose a Theme

The next step of planning is deciding on a theme. You will need the bride to select and approve a theme for the event that everyone else can follow. This includes the colours of the theme, the costumes the guests will wear, and food that will be served at the party. Choosing a theme as early as possible is the best way to organise a hen’s night as it will give others ample time to sort out their dresses and props.

4. Select a Location/Venue

Whether you are planning a hen’s party locally or somewhere abroad, in a club or on a boat, indoors or outdoors, you will need to select, approve and finalise a location or venue for the hen’s night as soon as possible. This will make planning both cheaper, with the early bird discounts, as well as easier since you avoid last-minute cancellations and booking chaos.

5. Send out the Invites

Once you have the budget and venue finalised, immediately send out the invitations. One thing to be careful of at this point is to ensure that all the guests being invited have been approved by the bride and that she is comfortable around them. You do not necessarily need to send physical invitations; in this digital era, you can save money on the invitation cards by sending out text messages and making WhatsApp groups. Also, the earlier you invite everyone, the more time people will have to organise their arrival.

6. Plan out the Activities

Hen’s nights are more than just karaoke nights and fun dinners. To make the hen’s night more memorable, plan some fun games and activities for the event, ensuring that you include both the bride as well as the guests in these. Also, do not plan something very expensive and keep the budget in mind.

7. Make all the Reservations and Bookings

You need to make all the reservations and bookings for the hen’s night well in advance of the event to ensure that you get good deals and spots for the big night. When making your reservations, consider the number of people coming and the activities you have planned out. The venue needs to be able to accommodate the people and should also have enough room for all the activities and games that you have planned.

If you find yourself panicking at the mere thought of having to organise such an important event for the bride, just follow these seven easy steps and you will find yourself planning the best hen’s night for the bride-to-be almost effortlessly.






Unique Hen’s Night Ideas for Sydneysiders

Unique Hen’s Night Ideas for Sydneysiders

Are you planning on surprising your best friend and bride-to-be with unforgettable, hen’s night activities? Well then, you’ve probably scoured the internet in the search for the best hen’s party ideas. And in that search, you’ve probably found the same old ideas that everyone does at a hen’s party. So, what can you do that’s unique? In this article, we have listed 5 very unique and classy hen’s party ideas that are sure to make for an exciting and memorable hen’s night. The listed hen’s party activities are perfect for day or night and are bound to make your bride-to-be feel extra special.

The best hen’s party ideas for day or night activities in Sydney


Weddings are all about shopping for both the bride as well as the guests. So, what better way to help your bride relax and have a fun time than to take her out for a shopping spree? The best part about shopping parties with friends is that you get their feedback on what you’re buying, ensuring that you get what looks best on you. Another benefit of a shopping spree hen’s party is they allow brides to get a lot of their wedding shopping done without any added stress or anxiety. In addition, hen’s day activities are inclusive and great for everyone. You can invite friends and family of all ages to come along without the worry of booking a club or venue for a large number of people.

To organise a shopping spree for your best friend’s hen’s party, book a limousine to make the affair a bit chicer and take her out to the best shopping spots in town.


Does your bride-to-be love dancing? Well then, let her dance her heart out by organising a dance workshop for her hen’s night. This is the perfect idea if you don’t want the hen’s party to be restricted to either day or night activities, as most dance studios are open for extended hours. There are a variety of different private dance workshops available that you can choose from and book. The dance styles on offer range from salsa to Bollywood.


This is definitely up there with the classy hen’s party ideas. There can be nothing more hectic and nerve-wracking than an impending wedding, and there’s no one who can understand this better than the bride and the groom. So, to help the bride relax, unwind, and get some “me time”, book her a day at the spa with relaxing messages so that she can pamper herself before her big day. Invite all her closest friends and surprise her with the best hen’s night she can hope for.


There are plenty of hen’s party activities that can be easily attended on land, but just imagine yourself floating along a river under the night sky, laughing, taking epic pictures and soaking up the sea breeze. Boat parties are fun, easy to organise, and very memorable. If you want to surprise your best friend with one of the more unique hen’s night ideas, book a boat, invite all her close friends, and spend the night dancing, eating, and partying on a private boat.


Cooking and baking are therapeutic for many people, and if your bride-to-be enjoys any of these, throw her an amazing hen’s party by organising a cooking or baking workshop for her. This is another one of the best hen’s party ideas to ensure all ages can join in and celebrate the bride-to-be. Not only will this activity help her relax, calm down, and get her mind off the hectic and tiring wedding planning, but it’s among the more unique hens’ night ideas that not many people consider, which makes it extra special.

You can search for private cooking and baking workshops, choose the bride’s favourite cuisine, and book a workshop for a small group of people.

Use these hen’s party activities for inspiration

These are some of the most relaxing, fun, unique and classy hen’s party ideas that you can surprise your best friend with. When you are planning the activities, you will probably find many people offering their ideas on what the ‘best’ activity is – but always remember that this is the bride-to-be’s night, so take into great consideration her likes and dislikes. Plan the hen’s activities accordingly and take lots of pictures so that these memories will last you a lifetime!

For more information on hen’s night ideas, XXL The Club are the experts in hen’s parties. Enquire with the team today.



Top Hen’s Night Packages around Sydney

Top Hen’s Night Packages around Sydney

Although Sydney is mostly known for its serene beaches, friendly people, and its famous Opera House, the nightlife it offers adds yet another feather in its hat. In fact, Sydney’s clubs are so famous for their services that they make the best venues for hen’s nights not just for the locals, but also for international bridal parties as well. If you, too, are looking for a fun, exciting, and memorable hen’s party package and venue, here are some of our top picks that you can choose from. Our list features all the best hen’s night packages and offers, from high teas and pole dancing to male strippers and boat trips, covering a wide range of options while still keeping varying budgets, tastes, and styles in mind.

 Get Sailing

There’s nothing better than getting your girl gang together and celebrating your big night with them on a boat, sailing in calm waters. You can choose and book your boat according to your budget. There is quite a range to choose from, which includes yachts, catamarans, or cruisers. To make the hen’s night more exciting, add a booze menu and the bride’s favourite food items, if you are going for a classier, more luxurious hen’s night package, you can even go for champagne and live cooking sessions.

 Try Male Revue Shows

Quite undeniably, male revue shows are one of the most common and popular hen’s night ideas. In fact, male strip shows are in such demand in Australia that almost every club offers a male revue show as a part of its hen’s night package. If you are planning to host a hen’s night party, include a male revue show in it. For this purpose, try XXL The Club; they’re the best in the game. They offer the best shows with pole dancing classes and topless waiters serving a delectable meal. It really doesn’t get any better than this.

 Party at the Waterfront Oasis

Sydney’s Harbour and City views make the hen’s night packages around it even more memorable and special. You can throw a hen’s night at the Waterfront Oasis or at the Circular Quay wharf and have a fun and exciting hen’s party while enjoying the beautiful views all around you. You can make reservations, book the entire area for yourself, and enjoy delicious food served by shirtless waiters, bottomless exotic drinks, and a lavish after-party at the club.

 Get Adventurous

If the bride-to-be wants to relax, explore, and just take some time off from the maddening wedding planning and festivities, then you can host an adventurous hen party by opting for a hen’s treasure hunt. This will give everyone a chance to explore the city and enjoy themselves even when all sobered up. The treasure hunt organised across King Cross and New South Wales makes for the best hen’s night package.


We hope this list helps you choose and host a really fun and exciting hen’s night for the bride-to-be.



Hen’s Party Ideas for Hens of All Ages

Hen’s Party Ideas for Hens of All Ages

Planning a hen’s party is time-consuming and demanding on its own already; imagine how much harder it can be for someone who is trying to organise a hen’s party for hens of all ages, one where mums, aunts, sibling and friends are all invited? How do you even pull off such an event?

Well, we have a solution to your dilemma – well, quite a few solutions, actually. Here are some fun ideas for a hen’s party for hens of all ages.

1. Flower Crown Workshops

Flower crowns took the world by storm a few years back, and the trend is still alive. Flower crowns are not just restricted to music festivals and Boho themed parties anymore. In fact, they are particularly popular among brides and bridesmaids as a hair accessory for weddings and after-parties. So, what else could be more fun than to organise a flower crown making workshop for a hen’s party and get everyone to make their own flower crowns that they can wear on the day of the wedding?

Booking a flower crown making workshop and sending invites to everyone on the guest list is all you have to do. It is such a fun activity and so indulging for everyone that you won’t have to worry about having different activities to cater to everyone’s ages and likes. Such workshops usually last about an hour or an hour and a half tops and cost $65 per person, so it won’t break anyone’s bank either.

2. Yoga Sessions

Weddings are all about excitement, hectic schedules, heavy workloads and exhaustion. This isn’t just for the bride; it’s for everyone else too. What better way to calm the bride and other bridal party members down than by organising a yoga session? Such a session is enjoyable, peaceful, calming, and much needed during the hectic, tiring, and physically and mentally taxing wedding preparations.

Moreover, it will make it easier for you to accommodate guests of all ages in a yoga session because let’s be real, who doesn’t like yoga? To make the yoga session a bit more fun, relaxing and hen night-ish, pop a few bottles of Prosecco, add a fun menu to the mix, and you are all set for a memorable hen’s night!

3. Salsa Dancing Class

If you are opting for a more fun and exciting hen’s night but have guests of different ages attending the event, why not go for something everyone would love to try? Salsa dance classes are a popular hen’s night idea, especially for hens who are not necessarily young and wild. These dance classes add a touch of elegance to the party.

All you need to do is find a local salsa instructor and book a private class. Once the booking is confirmed, send out the invites and have a fun night dancing your heart out. Now that’s hen’s party that women of all ages would love!


So these are some of the top ideas you can use when planning a hen’s night where you have to accommodate hens and guests of all ages. With these fun ideas, you can be sure that everyone at the party will have a blast!



Top 10 Hens’ Party Venues in Sydney

Top 10 Hens’ Party Venues in Sydney

Some want to celebrate on the beach while others want to dance the night away, some want a cocktail master class while others want to go all crafty. Choosing the right hens’ party venue in Sydney is a daunting task. We’re here to help you. From vibrant clubs and rooftop bars to the relaxing views of the Harbour and trapeze schools, our guide covers it all.

Ivy Pool Club

Located in the middle of CBD, Ivy makes for the perfect place to dive and drink at your hens’ celebration. In addition to the massive pool, Ivy also offers two dance floors and a lounge area.

The Winery

Sydney’s best wine bar, The Winery, is located in the Surry Hills. The Winery offers a meticulously selected range of 30 wines. Our dining and function spaces make for the ideal hens’ party in Sydney.

The Cliff Dive

This award-winning venue is the ideal location for any type of party. Being located right on Oxford Street makes it even more popular. Its golden doors make it even easier to spot. Book one of the exclusive rooms here for your hens’ party.

The Forrester's

The Forrester's offers five function areas for all kind of parties. Located in the Surry Hills, The Forrester's is a funky dive bar. Apart from being the perfect place for a drink or a boogie, it is also renowned for its food.

Crystal Boudoir

Crystal Boudoir, located in The Westin Sydney, has a Parisian club feel. The Crystal Bar is the perfect setting for the Cabaret and Burlesque Show. It will take you to 1920s Paris with its recreation of that period’s nightlife. Wearing period-appropriate dazzling garb, the dancers will captivate your attention with their moves, choreographed to perfection. They will slowly perform a slow, tasteful burlesque striptease while you wine and dine at your respective table.

Beer Garden

If you are looking for a place to hold a cocktail master class, Beer Garden at Wood and Smoke Bar serves as the perfect hens’ party venue. It is a cosy place with greenery and fresh that offers a variety of whiskeys, infused with cinnamon, fire, and smoke.

Bungalow 8

This one’s a Harbour favourite because of the vibes and views it offers. Located in the centre of Barangaroo and Darling Harbour, this hens’ party venue is perfect for a cocktail-filled party or an elaborate lunch.

Stealth Cruises

The bride deserves to enjoy the sexiest male revue on her last hoorah. Stealth Cruises has some of the hottest men in Sydney on board. They make sure they make your hens’ night an unforgettable one. Their action-packed performance will make you scream for more.

The Muse

Located in the Surry Hills, The Muse is a five-storey heritage building where you can host the best hens’ party. Utilise the rooftop space here and make some extra special memories with your hens.



The Ultimate Hens’ Party

The Ultimate Hens’ Party

 Behind every fabulous party, there is some serious planning. They don’t plan themselves. You need to work day and night to hold a party that everyone remembers, especially if it involves a bunch of hens. If you are a bride-to-be who wants to celebrate her last days of freedom to the fullest or a maid of honour who wants to throw the ultimate hens’ party in Sydney for her best friend, you have landed at the right place.
We’ll share the 5 simple steps for planning a hens’ party as per your style, budget, and timeframe.

It Is All About the Bride...
Throw all the stereotypes for brides out of the window and think about only and only the bride. What would she want to do at her hens’ party? What is her style? What type of parties does she like? If she loves to dance, a dance class should definitely be a part of the plan. If she is more into cocktails, a cocktail-making class is something she is going to love. Chances are that she turns out to be a mix of both.

Make the Most of This City...
You have to be a fun, lively person when it comes to enjoying a hens’ party in Sydney. This city has a vibe of its own. It is the most beautiful, biggest, and oldest city in Australia with an array of offerings for its residents and visitors, from world-class restaurants and cafes to bars and clubs. Make the most of all these amazing entertainment options. 

Laugh-Out Loud...
Involve a bunch of hens’ party games and other silly activities. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to laugh and giggle with your hens’ squad. Take as many pictures as you can. They may turn out to be ugly but they are memories nonetheless.

Dance Until Dawn...
Be as indulgent as you can on your hens’ party. Again, think about the bride. Does she want an entire day packed with dancing, drinking, and activities? Or would she prefer an evening hens’ party? Or does she want an entire weekend to dance her heart out? That’s probably the best option.

Count the Pennies...
Remember, the expenses of a hens’ party get divided amongst all the attendees so know your audience. However, if the bride wishes to pay for entirely or partially out of her own pocket, she surely can. Know how much your audience is willing to pay. You don’t want people chickening out.
A hens’ party in Sydney does not always have to be extravagant. A simple girly sleepover can be turned into something sassy and kinky. You should just know how to do it. 



How to Throw an Epic Hens’ Party in Sydney

How to Throw an Epic Hens’ Party in Sydney

Some hens are fond of male strippers while others prefer something a bit more elegant. Some love the idea of hitting the clubs while others love sailing away on a cruise. You have to keep each of your hen’s preferences in mind when planning a hens’ party in Sydney. Here are some all-rounder ideas that will help you plan the ultimate hens’ party.

For the Foodie One

Well, we are kind of underestimating here. Everyone loves to eat. Your hens’ do too, we’re sure. Plan a meal for them, one that rests in their memory for the rest of their lives. Hire a party planner like us, choose a cuisine and theme, and they shall handle the rest. 

Want to stay at home? Hire a private chef! They will come over and cook an elaborate meal for your hens. 

For the Creative One

Some hens are crafty; they love art. Give them an opportunity to tap into their creative self. There is a range of classes you can choose from. Watercolours and champagne, hula hooping, and male model drawing, there are plenty of options that your hens would love. There will be a professional artist to guide you who will let you go wild with your creativity in a three-hour session. 

For the Glamourous One

Do your hens love getting pampered at spas? Are any of your hens registered in a dance class? If yes, treat them in a glamourous way at your hens’ party. Book Zen Day Spa for your bridesmaids and get the best hot oil massages, manicures, pedicures and facials with complimentary drinks.

Host a dance class at the Dance Central and say sayonara to your single life. Whether it’s the Egyptian Goddess class or the burlesque class, your girls are going to have the time of their lives. 

For the Mix Master

Learn how to mix four cocktails in a 90-minute session at the Harbour. A cocktail connoisseur will be assigned to you to help you excel this art. You will then be served by a shirtless waiter with a cheese and charcuterie platter. 

Do you have a hen that sees herself as a budding master chef? Plan a private cooking class. Choose from a range of cuisines such as Mexican, Italian, Spanish, and more. A professional chef will then be allotted to you accordingly. 

For the Early Birds

This one is for all the early birds out there; the ones who can’t make it past midnight. Start the celebrations early with a boozy brunch. Darlo Country Club serves as the perfect setting for your hens’ party in Sydney. 

You can also sign up for a trapeze class where you can learn how to pose and create shapes on aerial silks. Sydney Trapeze School is the perfect venue for this. 



How to Plan the Most Memorable Hens’ Weekend Getaway

How to Plan the Most Memorable Hens’ Weekend Getaway

South Coast

A drive down the coast is a great way to celebrate your hens’ weekend on the beach. You may choose the usual Jervis Bay but there are some less popular spots as well such as Mollymook and Narrawalle. Pullman Magenta Shores Resort has everything that a hens’ weekend getaway requires. It is five-star beachfront resort with a gold course, spa, and restaurants.

Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo valley is another great place for a hens’ weekend getaway around Sydney. Head inland and wander around the Kangaroo valley region. Explore some lovely villages and towns. Their local cuisine and wine is known around the world. Not to forget the beautiful scenery the Valley has to offer; it’s one of the prettiest in Australia.

While you are there, don’t forget to miss out on the town of Bowrel. It is a sweet vintage place, perfect for eating, drinking, and walking around with your BFFs. You will find some cute vintage stuff at the shops there, perfect for your new house after the wedding.

Hunter Valley

A hens’ weekend in Sydney is incomplete without some winery tours. Hunter Valley is just the right place for that. If your bride squad would love some lazy winery tours, plan a trip to the Hunter Valley. Book pampering sessions in the venue with body massages, pedicures, manicures, and facials. Spend the noon sipping some wine while looking over the vineyards.

For some wonderful wine tasting, don’t miss out on Tamburlaine Wines and Margan Winery. They have amazing food too so stay the night.

And oh, when visiting Mercure Resort Hunter Valley, make sure you don’t miss the five-star elegance and relaxation, this place has to offer. It will make you hate city life.

Port Stephens

Port Stephens is a natural bay which is only 160 kms from Sydney. It makes for a great mini-break destination. New South Wales has forever been famous for its glowing white beaches but they attract a lot of crowd which makes them unsuitable for an intimate getaway. Shoal Bay, Anna Bay, and One Mile Beach are some of the wonderful places you can spend your lazy weekend on and they offer water activities too.

Regarding your concerns about where to stay, The Retreat Port Stephens and Middle Rock Holiday Resort offer all-inclusive accommodation packages so check them out before making your bookings.



Hens’ Party on a Budget

Hens’ Party on a Budget

While there are people who love to go over-board with parties, especially if it’s their hens, there are an equal proportion of people who like to keep it a bit affordable. If you are planning a hens’ party on a budget, check out these tips. They will help you throw a hens’ party that is affordable yet inclusive.

Ask, Don’t Guess

Don’t waste time guessing what your friend would like to do on her hens’ party. Simply ask. Speak to her to get an idea of what she has in mind. Some people are clear from the beginning while some are confused. If you are handling the confused kind, make sure both of you are on the same page.

Talk to her about the budget. This will give you a heads up as to how you should begin planning. A trip to Barcelona is not possible with her friends having only $100 in their pockets. So be realistic and practical.

Have a Plan and Several Options in Mind

First, develop a rough plan including the date, activities, and costs; then, let everyone know. It’s much easier than asking everyone individually. This will also allow people to choose from the several activities that you have planned. Not everyone is interested in the same activities. This will further control the costs for those who have a small budget and ensure maximum attendance.

Hunt for Deals

This one is important. Search around for places offering budget-friendly deals and packages. When booking a hotel, restaurant, cruise, etc. make sure to let them know that you are a hen party, you might get some discount. Search online for hen party deals near you and you will get a bunch of them.

Be an Early Bird

Just like you book your air tickets way before the season begins, same is the case with hen parties. Making reservations on time will help you save bucks. It allows you to get the best venues at your desired dates and ensures the majority of your guests’ attendance. Also, it gives your friends enough time to make payments. You don’t want to bug people for payments till the last moment.

Plan Low-Cost Activities

Go for activities that are less elaborate and costly. Ultimately, a hens’ party is just about having fun with your girl squad, playing games, clicking photos, drinking, and dancing. For a hens’ party on a budget, here are a few games that you can incorporate in your hens’ party.

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Marshmallow Monologue
  • Finish Her Sentence
  • Forbidden Clothes Pegs
  • R-Rated Pictionary
  • Family In Law Heads
  • Never Have I Ever

This doesn’t mean you skimp on all the major and kinky stuff. While it’s smart to save money, it is also important to remember these events allow you to make some lasting memories. So try and make the most of it.



Unique Hens’ Party Games

Unique Hens’ Party Games

The ultimate Hens’ Party requires the right combination of class and sass. And that is not without some Hens’ Party games. You probably have girls at your Hens’ Party who do not know each other. With these fun games, you can break the ice easily and get the party started.

Mr. and Mrs. Quiz

Test the bride’s knowledge of her better-half. See how well she knows him. Meet him beforehand and get answers to some of the most generic questions like favourite holiday destination, favourite movie, etc. Give each hen a question and make them ask the bride. If she gets it wrong, make her drink a shot, put on a silly dress, or do a dirty dance step.

Who’s Who

Now see how well the bride knows her clan. Play the who’s who game where you ask all the hens to write a fact about themselves on a post-it note. It should be something very simple but, at the same time, hard to guess like ‘I hate Italian food’ or ‘I can solve a rubrics cube in 50 seconds’ or something more elaborate like ‘I almost lost my eye in an accident’. Give these post-it notes to the bride and see how many she gets right.

The Toilet Paper Game

Toilet paper game, sounds absurd? We understand but trust us it is one of the best Hens’ Party games. It involves a lot of toilet paper, of course! You put all the hens into small teams. Each team picks a model from their group and creates its own version of a wedding dress on her using tons of toilet paper. And oh! Time the activity. The bride sets the time frame so whoever finishes in the given time and made the best dress wins.

Naughty Moulding

This game requires some play-doh and a dirty mind. This is one hilarious game and you will see how everyone will slowly open up while playing it. You can either play individually or put the hens into groups. We suggest you play individually. Give everyone some play-doh which they will mould into various body parts. Now it is your job to make it a little more competitive. Give scores for each shape; for example, a hand should probably have the lowest points.

A bonus tip: Play a naughtier version of this game after a couple of drinks.

Dancing Queen

When planning your Hens’ Party, make a list of songs and write them down on small chits. At the Hens’ Party, get everyone pick one chit and dance on whatever is on the list. That hen must dance alone and for the entire duration of the song. Make sure the bride does not chicken out. She is as much a part of the game as the rest of the hens.




Best Hens’ Weekend Destinations near Sydney

Best Hens’ Weekend Destinations near Sydney

Weddings can be fun and exciting but stressful at the same time. And if you have to plan a hens’ party, it’s even more stressful. To save yourself from the additional stress, check out these hens’ weekend destinations in New South Wales.

Blue Mountains

Head to the Blue Mountains for the most amazing weekend getaway near Sydney. This location has a lot to offer, from historic homesteads to majestic mountains. You’ll be able to enjoy some wonderful cuisine and wine, some relaxing pampering sessions, and much more.

Blue Mountains is a place with a grand historical touch. Select one of the refurbished mansions there or you may go for a contemporary luxury hotel.

If you have a small group of like 24 girls, Chapel Hill Retreat is a good option. For a bigger hen gang, you may go for the Fairmont Resort which can serve up to 200 guests at a time.

Byron Bay

This coastal town is another great weekend getaway destination, known for its beaches, scuba diving, and surfing sites. If your hens’ party is falling between June and November, you may spot humpback whales at the Byron Bay.

Byron Bay offers a serene and relaxed setting that will leave you thinking why you are trapped in a bustling city. From beaches and shopping to dining and drinking, Byron Bay has it all.

Hampton House

The Central Coast offers sun-kissed beaches, bustling bars, eateries, and beautiful boutiques which make it the ultimate destination for your hens’ weekend. Hampton House has three levels and is just a 90-minute drive from Sydney.

Located across the beach, this place has spectacular water views. Each room has its own balcony that allows you to enjoy the sunrise and sunset every day.

It is a place that provides the perfect combination of tranquility and breathtaking scenery of the Broken Bay and can accommodate up to 13 people at a time.

Tea Tree Hollow

Tea tree hollow is a great place to spend some intimate time with your BFFs before the wedding. It is an eco-chic place. Located in the Southern Highlands, it is only a two-hour drive from Sydney. It is a four-bedroom house with some lush greenery around.

This is not all. Tea tree hollow has a purpose-built yoga deck, an outdoor spa, a herb garden, and a verandah for you to spend the night under a starry sky.

Moreover, you will be sharing this 40-acre property with kangaroos, echidnas, satin bowerbirds, goannas, and wedge-tailed eagles. This furthers makes it an ideal place to disconnect from the regular hustle-bustle of city life.

You can also meditate in the Japanese Zen Garden, cook some wood-fired pizza or BBQ, and enjoy your meal under the sky.



Best Hens Packages in Sydney

Best Hens Packages in Sydney

Sydney is famous for its beaches and nightlife which makes it the perfect place to host a hens’ party. Here are some of the best hens’ party packages we have to offer. From high teas to male strippers, we have a variety of options for varying tastes, styles, and budgets.

Get On A Boat!

Partying on a cruise is a fail-proof idea. Get loose on your private boat with your bridesmaids and make some lasting memories. As per your budget, you may choose a yacht, cruiser, or catamaran combined with the entertainment, food, and drinks of your choice.

Male Strip Show!

Male strip shows are one of the most popular entertainment options when it comes to celebrating the best hens’ party in Sydney. The night warms up as you get to enjoy pole dancers and shirtless waiters serving a three-course dinner. You even get an up-close meet and greet with Sydney’s sexiest men before they hit the floor.

Celebrate At The Waterfront Oasis!

The Harbour and City views make for one of the best hens night packages in Sydney. Host a hens’ party at the Circular Quay wharf and book your girls an entire area. Again, shirtless waiters, free-flowing drinks, exotic dancers, and an after-party at the nightclub are some of the must-haves for an event like this.

Get Creative!

Enjoy gourmet delights and plenty of drinks while you and your girls sketch and draw. You will have a professional artist tutoring you. A passion for art is not necessary. However, be ready to break into fits of laughter. The drawing class lasts for 2 hours but you won’t be bored for a minute; after all, a muscular male model will be part of the class too.

Make Your Own Cocktails!

These are one of the highly demanded hens’ night packages. A cocktail master class is a guaranteed hit and the perfect way to launch your hens’ celebration. Learn the art of mixology with a professional cocktail connoisseur in a 2-hour session.


Have Some Adventure!

If you don’t feel like doing any of the above and are looking for a more adventurous way of celebrating your hens’ day, hens’ treasure hunt is the perfect package for you. Bucket loads of fun, laughter, and photo opportunities are guaranteed in a treasure hunt across King Cross, New South Wales.

Make Some Pizzas!

Pizza making classes are another sought-after hens’ night option. In a 2 to 3 hour class, you get to learn how to make pizza like an expert. Don’t worry! It is not just a cooking session, you get much more. Along with guidance from an entertaining chef, you get complimentary drinks and a pizza feast at the end of the session.

Go Wild!

Bobbi’s studio is world-famous for pole dancing so why not begin your hens’ night there? The pole dancing session will be followed by a 4-hour cruise that features male dancers, a buffet dinner, and endless drinks.  https://bobbispolestudio.com.au




A Hens Night To Remember

A Hens Night To Remember

Looking for ways to celebrate your last hoorah with your girls in the most unique and cheerful way? If you are located in Sydney, then you have a wide array of activities you can do at your Hens’ Night. Sydney is the perfect place to go from Miss to Mrs. From classy and modern to kinky and unique, we have it all here.

Here are some of the most popular Hens’ Night activities in Sydney.


Hens’ Party Pub-Crawl Bus

This Sydney party bus is no normal bus. It makes sure you and your hens get to see the best bars this city has to offer. A hens’ party at a pub-crawl bus is one of its kind. Some have a stripper pole with comfortable, leather seats, and disco lights - the right setting for you to dance and drink the night away. A loud and pounding sound system is a given. A pub-crawl bus is incomplete without it. Some even allow you to bring your own drinks on the bus. And oh the bars! The Party Bus stops at a minimum of three bars, the best ones in Sydney. So drink and dance at your Hens’ Night in Sydney.

Sydney Males Revue Show

No Hens’ Night in Sydney is complete without seeing some naked spunks. Not only naked, but they should be hunky too. With this Males Revue Show in Sydney, you and your hens will have the time of your lives with some of the sexiest guys in Sydney. No one knows better than them how to put on a great show. Males Revue Show is not something you would want to miss out on. It is a must activity for a Hens’ Night in Sydney. You choose to enjoy a show in one of the bars in the city or go on a cruise trip with some hunky naked blokes. The choice is yours!

Function Rooms in Sydney

While clubs and pubs are fun, some hens prefer to enjoy with people they actually like and care about. If you are one of those, book a function room in Sydney and spend some intimate time with your girls. A bunch of places in the city offers private VIP rooms where no one is going to question you and you can have fun the way you want. You decide everything, from the kind of entertainment you want, activities, game, food, drinks, and anything else you have in mind.

This is just the gist of the kind of fun you can have at your Hens’ Night in Sydney. There is much more Sydney has to offer. Start from exploring the above and be open to any new fun, unique, and kinky activities that show up. To have the maximum fun, the key is to have no boundaries!




A Brides Most Fabulous Last Hoorah

A Brides Most Fabulous Last Hoorah

Every bride-to-be deserves one last celebration before she bids farewell to her single life. It should be something special and the memories should last a lifetime. Every bride has a different taste when it comes to throwing a hens’ party. Some like it small and intimate while others want it to be big and extravagant. Here are a few hens’ party activities in Sydney that can make your last hoorah a memorable one.


Have an Electric Night

Book a class party at Retrosweat for the most fun aerobics session with your girls. Retrosweat offers classes on Tuesdays in Waterloo, Sydney, and Thursdays in Surry Hill, Sydney. For your hens’ party, they can open up at any time in the day as per your liking. They have the best Shannon Doodley and an A-class team on board. She makes sure to give you not only a workout session but an experience of a lifetime by combining her love for timeless and iconic music, fashion, and dance.

Create Your Own Flower Crowns

This one is for all the creative hens out there. The Flower Social offers workshops on crown making in Sydney and Perth. Along with making your own take-home flower crowns, you get to munch on the most delicious food and drinks. The Flower Social is a mobile place that gives you the opportunity to explore your inner creativity with your loved ones. Just tell them when and where to come or choose one of their Sydney packages.

Create Your Own Perfume Scent

There can’t be a more special way to celebrate your hens’ night than creating your own scents. It would be something that would run a flashback of memories whenever you use it. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it will be your own version of perfection. At The Powder Room, you get the chance to experience fragrances in a unique way. Book a fragrant event with them for a custom, interactive experience with your girls.

A Hens’ Treasure Hunt

It is sometimes good to ignite your inner child. A treasure is a one-of-a-kind hens’ party activity. It is great to have some good, cheeky, and girly fun, a complete package of laughter and excitement. At Hens Treasure Hunt, you get to clues to decipher, complete cheeky challenges, get snapped with hot guys, and much more. The fun lasts for a good 2.5 hours with a table reserved for you at the mystery pub.

These are just some of the hens’ night activities in Sydney that can make any bride’s last hoorah a fabulous one. With over a million hens’ night activities in Sydney, it is hard to knuckle down. Hope we have done our part in giving you a head start. For more ideas, keep following our blog.



Sydney Hens Ideas

Sydney Hens Ideas

At XxlTheClub, from start to finish we have you covered as you & the girls enjoy dinner & drinks in the courtyard, pole dancing class, then onto life drawing & cocktail making class, all before the show commencing at 8pm!

So in regards to Sydney Hens packages, our ultimate dinner & drinks package which includes all the above, is a great afternoon & night filled with so much variety of entertainment in which you and the girls can sit back & enjoy.

Whilst other venues sell selected seating ‘silver, priority, front row seating etc…

XxlTheClub provides all our guests with luxurious  booth & lounge area’s, & with ALL hens & birthday girls in front row seating for the show! 

Massive thanks to our chefs & kitchen Hands @ https://www.uliveto.com.au/



Hens Party Sydney - Hens Night Sydney
Sydney Hens Weekend

Sydney Hens Weekend

Situated in the heart of Sydney cbd, making a weekend out of your Sydney hens night is a great idea to assure it’s an occasion not easily forgotten.

Surrounded by so many iconic landmarks & world class accomodation, why not make the most from your experience at XxltheClub Sydney by staying in this beautiful city of ours.

With Meriton suites situated only a few minutes away by uber, or Bondi beach just a short 10 minute drive from our venue, why not stay the night before, to really wow your hen off her feet before letting us take her through all the best hens activities available in our beautiful establishment.

Some of the Sydney hotels that are not only highly recommended by ourselves & our guests, but are also within a very short distance from our establishment are as follows :

Qt Sydney


Meriton Sydney


Four seasons Sydney


Shangri La


Park Hyatt




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Sydney Hens night activities start to finish

Sydney Hens night activities start to finish

Are you looking for a great night out in Sydney which doesn’t involve the age old 3 hour dance routine played out endlessly throughout every Sydney hens night and hens party venue…… Yawn.

At XxltheClub we pride ourselves on being a multifunctional club delivering a fun filled afternoon of hens party activities that you and the ladies enjoy over a glass or two of bubbly as you’re whisked from room to room on to the following classes.

Dinner starting at 5pm and served in our beautiful courtyard by the chefs of Uliveto. Enjoy the hour of flowing champagne, wine & house beers as you and the ladies settle in over the selection of -Vegetarian Penne Pasta / Italian Tomato Sauce w/ mixed herbs, broccoli, capsicum, onion and spinach.

(Vegetarian, Vegan also Gluten Free if required)

-Roast Vegetarian Salad w/ Chat potatoes, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, fennel and herbed mayo.

-Roast Beef & Salad w/ Chickpea, sweet potato, cherry tomato, fetta & baby spinach.

Once 6pm comes it’s time for the fun to begin with pole dancing class with our beautiful instructors Anna & Georgia.

Then next up your group is taken to the beautiful and private shh room where life drawing is conducted. Chesterfield lounges surround the oval shaped room which over looks the entire club through a one sided see through glass wall ? armed with your A5 drawing board, it’s up amongst the favourite of our guests when it comes to hens party activities:)

Finally onto cocktail making class as you and the girls have a laugh & shake it to your hearts desire. Always a great time for snaps and videos as the ladies laugh the night away before finally coming together with all the other groups for the show kicking off at 8pm ?

Great to know that once the show finishes up at 930pm, you do not have to find another venue or alternative place to party the night away “if this is what some of the ladies are interested in” as our club has been operating to the public for 14 years strong and is open to 3am each and every Saturday x



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Hens Nights’

Hens Nights’

Hens parties “Hens nights” can range from afternoon teas with the girls, all the way up to holidays around the world or interstate, and while they don’t celebrate the end of your working life (unfortunately for most) they’re a great opportunity to get your friends & family together for a big bridal blow-out!

In the early days, Women were some what expected to leave their jobs when they got married, so on the last day of work the bride-to-be would be made the centre of attention. Through the 80s and 90s, the ‘hens night ‘ started to really gain in popularity, with More and more brides opting for a party to match bachelors’ pre-wedding shenanigans.

It’s reported that in or around the 1620s, the word ‘Hen’ was first used as slang for women, and in the 1800s it was first referred to as ‘hens party’ to indicate a gathering of females, bringing the first initial term used for what we know today as hens night.

Fast forward to today, And its pretty much unheard of to get married and not have a hens night ‘or bucks night’ usually coinciding on the same weekend pre wedding.

Whatever your nationality or background happens to be, there is no doubt that marriage is probably the single most important decision of your entire adult life. So in what better way to say goodbye to single life than to celebrate in style with us at XxltheClub Sydney with the widest range of hens night activities & ideas.